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These are free collections of tunes in graphic format (gif, jpg, pdf, png, or tif) and/or in ABC notation.
The emphasis is on instrumental folk music, although some links also include classical music.

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See also Dance music from Charlie Seelig's contra dance links resource page

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A gif, jpg, pdf, png, tif ABC
Abacci Music Irish, Celtic and World music (note: archived version of this website) gif no
Alf's place no yes
Allan's Irish fiddler gif yes
Amazon Creek (note: archived version of this website) no yes
Greg Anderson's original contra dance tunes gif yes
Apprendre à jouer...? Learning to play...? no yes
Archive.folx.org pdf, png yes
Atlanta Irish Music pdf no
Australian dance music gif no
B gif, jpg, pdf, png, tif ABC
Banjolin traditional tunes list jpg, pdf yes
Hill Country Tunes by Sam Bayard pdf no
A big bunch o'tunes gif yes
Big Round Band pdf yes
Bill Black's tunes online pdf yes
Rob Blakeley's Irish music gif yes
Blarney Stone Pub Session Tunebook pdf yes
Blue rose Scandinavian folk music pdf (some) yes (some)
Breizh partitions pdf no
David Brinkman's fiddle tunes pdf no
Ken Brown session tunes pdf no
Ken Brown: The black book (136 page pdf; may be slow to load) pdf no
Eddie Burke sets pdf no
C gif, jpg, pdf, png, tif ABC
Calgary Folk Music prairie mountain fiddlers tunes pdf no
Carp Celtic jam pdf yes
CeilidhSoc searchable by composer, key, meter, etc. gif yes
Celtic Orbis gif no
Fiddle tunes (in manuscript) from the Center for Popular Music other no
Ceolas gif, pdf yes
John Chamber's ABC music collection: contra || Irish no yes
Cincinnati Open Band pdf no
Co. Champaign Irish Tune Coll. Online pdf no
Cobb's music of Ireland no yes
Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann, Harp of Tara Branch Kingston Irish session tune book pdf no
Contra Dan's tunes pdf yes
Contranella tunebook jpg yes
Cooley-Keegan Branch of San Francisco tune list gif no
Corvallis Celtic jam tune list and resources pdf yes
Cranford Publications gif yes
Rich Crew's tune book pdf no
Tunes by Phil Cunningham no yes
Czech Area Concertina Club pdf no
D gif, jpg, pdf, png, tif ABC
Dallas Area Contrabands music archive pdf no
Delivery boys no yes
Dennis' grab bag of gifs gif no
David DiGiuseppe original compositions pdf no
E gif, jpg, pdf, png, tif ABC
Evart hammered dulcimer festival music archive jpg no
F gif, jpg, pdf, png, tif ABC
Paul Fackler's Cape Breton collection (table of contents) pdf yes
The Fackler collection (original tunes) pdf no
Fiddle music of Donegal gif no
FiddleFork gif or pdf A-M | N-Z
Fiddle-icious pdf no
Fiddler's companion no some
Tunes from "The Field" (collection) from Michael Eskin pdf no
Folkets Hus Spillefold Collection of dance music (Danish) gif, pdf no
The Folktune finder png yes
Freds Folks Ceilidh Band music book pdf no
Free ABC format music sites, a long list of sites with ABC tunes (Some sites are already listed on this page) no yes
Free Celtic scores for fiddle gif some
Free traditional sheet music gif, pdf no
G gif, jpg, pdf, png, tif ABC
Nigel Gatherer's Tune Index no yes
Paul Giblitz's original tunes pdf yes
Gladys' Celtic corner Mixed bag of old time music gif no
Kevin M. Goess fakebook jpg, pdf yes
Kevin M. Goess Wassail! xmas fakebook jpg, pdf yes
Good Parking (English contra dance band) (note: archived version of this website) jgs | reels | waltzes/polkas jigs | reels | waltzes/polkas
Tune file from Le Grand Session de Manchester 153 tunes (mainly dance music from Central France) no yes
Hope Grietzer's Tune of the month archive pdf no
H gif, jpg, pdf, png, tif ABC
Ed Haley fiddle tune transcriptions gif no
Hand me doon da fiddle by Tom Anderson and Pam Swing; reproduction of the 1981 edition pdf no
Paul Hardy's session tunebook pdf yes
Paul Hardy's Xmas tunebook pdf yes
Hobart Session tunes no yes
Seth Houston's contra-dance music pdf no
I gif, jpg, pdf, png, tif ABC
Identitairs (Québécois repertoire) jpg no
International music score library project (classical music in the public domain) pdf no
Tunes of The Irish Band of Columbia, Missouri (scroll down on this page for a list of the tunes) no yes
Irish heather tunes pdf yes
K gif, jpg, pdf, png, tif ABC
Kaubells tunes pdf yes
David Kaynor's tunes pdf some
Mark Kenneth Scottish & Irish music pdf yes
Kentucky Open Band contra tunes pdf no
The Kitchen Musician alphabetical list || by country of origin gif no
Kiwi Folk pdf yes
Stephen Klein's Fiddle tunes in ABC format no yes
Klezmer scores pdf no
L gif, jpg, pdf, png, tif ABC
John Lamancusa's old time fiddle tune page pdf no
Lancaster Contra Dance pdf no
Pete Loud's collection scroll down to the "freebies" section gif no
Douglas M. Lowder scroll down to near the bottom of the page pdf yes
M gif, jpg, pdf, png, tif ABC
McDermott's Handy jpg no
Dougie MacDonald collection of fiddle tunes some some
Natalie MacMaster's tunes from her CDs jpg no
Mandozine (under the category "coMandoList Tune of the Week (TOW) File") no yes
Steve Mansfield posts collection of tunes originally posted to mailing lists and Usenet compiled into one site no yes
Contra tunes & etc. by Dave Marcus & friends pdf no
McKennas Irish music site pdf no
Mendocino English Country Dance Tune book | Multipart tune book pdf no
Milwaukee Slow Session Tunes no yes
Tunes from Mitchell's famous Irish session gif yes
Montreal session tunebook (formerly O'Regan's session tunebook) pdf, png yes
Richard Moon's TUNEdb yes yes
Dan Mozell's music files gif, pdf no
Dexter N. Muir, ABC tunes no yes
N gif, jpg, pdf, png, tif ABC
Nashville Old-Time String Band Association pdf no
NCFolk session tune book 1 and 2 pdf yes
New Mexico Folk Music & Dance Society abc archive no yes
NIPS pdf no
Henrik Norbeck's tune index no yes
NOTBOK med låtar från Södermanland (Scandinavian) gif no
Nottingham folk music database gif yes
O gif, jpg, pdf, png, tif ABC
Paddy O'Brien's sets (collection) pdf no
Complete works of Turlough O'Carolan gif yes
100 Jigs and Reels of the O'Flaherty Irish Music Retreat pdf abc
One Hundred More Tunes of the O'Flaherty Irish Music Retreat pdf abc
A dozen easy Irish tunes: from the 2008 O'Flaherty Irish Music Youth Camp pdf abc
A baker's dozen easy Irish tunes: from the 2009 O'Flaherty Irish Music Youth Camp pdf abc
O'Neill's no yes
O'Regan's session tunebook is now Montreal session tunebook pdf, png yes
Ottawa Cape Breton session pdf no
Ottawa Fiddle Ensemble repertoire pdf no
Oxford Fiddle Group pdf yes
P gif, jpg, pdf, png, tif ABC
Pat's tune repository pdf yes
Chris Peterson's traditional tunes || original tunes gif no
Fiddle and mandolin books from Petimar Press pdf no
Pinecone Beginners Irish Session: tunes book 1 book 2 pdf yes
R gif, jpg, pdf, png, tif ABC
Fiddle Tunes of the Old Frontier: The Henry Reed Collection yes, tif no
Tunes collected by John Relph no yes
Riddell fiddles pdf no
Roaring Jelly (the one from the Southwest) music archive pdf yes
Richard Robinson's Tunebook gif yes
Paul Rosen's original tunes jpg yes
Roswell Irish session pdf no
S gif, jpg, pdf, png, tif ABC
Paul Sater's abc tunes no yes
Scottish Fiddlers of Los Angeles core tunes pdf no
The session gif yes
Sessioneer (note: archived version of this website) gif no
SessioNite no yes
Shake The Dice (English ceilidh band) 86 British and French dance tunes no yes
Shelta jpg yes
Michael Shulman's tune list no yes
Siamsa session tunes gif no
Slainte.web pdf yes
Sliding Scale Music Tunes from the Western Edge pdf no
The Sligo Creek Hedge's School Children's Irish session booklet pdf no
Slow session web page from The Celtic Arts Center of Southern California (note: archived version of this website) gif yes
SlowPlayers music list gif, pdf yes
Sonothèque ABC no yes
Speledans (Scandinavian) no yes
SPUDS: reels || jigs || everything else png yes
Swedish traditional music links gif no
Sydney Scottish Fiddlers no yes
T gif, jpg, pdf, png, tif ABC
Three Bean Salad Carp Camp tune book || homework || extra credit pdf no
Tunes for the T.I.M.E.S. v.1, v. 2 v.1, v.2
Traditional Music and Dance Wiki: tunes pdf yes
Traditional music database aka TUNEdb png yes
Traditional music from France || Airs de Normandie gif no
Tradition music library: best known tunes || bluegrass || Irish part 1 | part 2 | part 3 ||
Old-time || Pub session tunes part 1 | part 2 | part 3 || Scottish part 1 | part 2
gif no
Traditional-style tunes by Aiden Crossey, Gavin Atkin, Taz Tarry no yes
V gif, jpg, pdf, png, tif ABC
Vashon Celtic tunes jam tunes (scroll about half way down the page) pdf no
Victoria Fiddle Society jam tunes (scroll about half way down the page) gif, jpg, or pdf no
Violin Sheet Music (including a facsimile of Ryan's Mammoth Collection) pdf no
The virtual session (requires Flash player) other no
W gif, jpg, pdf, png, tif ABC
Charlie Walden's Missouri Fiddling tune transcriptions PDF or gif no
Charlie Walden's sheet music downloads (one-time $10 donation suggested) PDF no
John Walsh's session tunes (collection) pdf no
Wandering whistler gif no
The way of the fiddle: one fiddler's collection of old-time tunes pdf no
Glenn Weiser's Traditional Celtic, Irish, & old time tune book pdf no
Whole Hog Musical Revue pdf some
Wide web ABC index no yes
Wild Dismay tunebook gif yes
Wildfiddle from Ron Wild gif no
Brian K. Wood (some original tunes, some photocopied from the Fiddler's fakebook) gif no
ABC tunes from the Woodenflute mailing list no yes
XYZ gif, jpg, pdf, png, tif ABC
Peter Yarensky's New Hampshire Old-Time Country Dance (scroll down past the 4th paragraph to get to the list of ABC arranged by format) pdf yes

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