Fiddle resources on the Web

Fiddle music: tunes and notation
Tune collections on the Internet
Why is the violin so hard to play? by Jim Woodhouse and Paul Galluzzo
"When a bow is drawn across a string, the result might be a musical note at the desired pitch, but on the other hand it might be an undesirable whistle, screech or graunch."
"Graunch. Perfect onomatopoeia for that crunchy sound violinists hate and fiddlers love. Gonna play me some graunchy fiddle today."--Donna Hébert
Fiddle playing and styles                                                               more! Fiddle playing and styles
Tips and techniques on Irish fiddling part 1 | part 2 (PDFs) by Tim McCarrick
How to begin fiddling Scandinavian style (PDF) by Carl Rahkonen
Rhythm bowing sampler by Donna Hébert
Definitions of fiddle styles and tunes
Fiddling around the world: Irish | Scottish | Scandinavian | Cajun | Old time | Bluegrass
Regional styles in Irish fiddling by Caoimhín Mac Aoidh
Scandinavian fiddling resources
Shetland fiddle
About fiddle music About fiddles § strings § rosin
Contra dance music: a working musician's guide
Fiddle tunes extant in North America before 1800
Ingredients of fiddle tunes by Dudley Laufman (note: archived version of this website)
New Hampshire Library of Traditional Music & Dance
   includes the papers of Ralph Page, Ted Sanella, Dudley Laufman,
   and The Country Dance and Song Society
Traditional fiddle music: Installment 1: Structure in Irish tunes, from Mark Simos
Scales and modes in Scottish traditional music by Jack Campin
   (note: archived version of this website)
Taking care of a fiddle:
Tips on instrument care by Ute Brinkmann
Caring for your instrument : monitoring humidity by Ute Brinkmann
Priming and tightening a new bow by Beverley Conrad
Fiddle strings:
All about violin strings
violin/viola string chart explains quiet to loud and dark to bright qualities of different brands of strings
Guide to choosing violin strings (classical violin emphasis, but good general information about strings)
Fiddle strings: tuning & bowing
Changing strings by Beverley Conrad
Cleaning fiddle strings (from
Rosin: The differences between dark and amber rosin
Fiddle history Fiddle instruction
Fiddling around the world
A brief history of fiddle music (humor) (note: archived version of this website)
Fiddlevideo: online fiddle lessons
Learning to use the fiddle bow part 1 | part 2 by Carolyn Osborne
Leverage and flexibility: the keys to good bowing part 1 | part 2 by Paul Anastasio
How to make your wrist work for you: part 1 | part 2 by Janet Farrar Royce
Picking up fiddle tunes by ear at jam sessions
Mic placement and EQ by Bob Mills
Other resources Fiddle-related web sites
So, you think you found a Stradivarius in your attic?
   See Is your violin a genuine Strad? from the Smithsonian Institution
Violin and bow makers homepages from David T. Van Zandt
Musical instruments on airlines (PDF) letter from the United States Department of Transportation
Fiddle Farmers: everything you always wanted to know about fiddling but were afraid to ask
Fiddle on (from the UK)
FIDDLE-L home page
Fiddle resources from Fiddler Magazine A-L | M-Z

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