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CONNtra Dance Tunes Written by CONNecticut CONNtra Dance Musicians

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The Connecticut Sound

Kasha Breau, Jim Condren, Carrie Crompton, David Delaney, Bill Fischer, Lisa Furman, Tahlia Furman
Britt Goodman, Chip Hendrickson, Mike Herr, Dan Hocott, Mickey Koth, Rob Lindauer, Stacy Phillips
David Schonfeld, Barbara Shaw, Julie Sorcek, Roy Watrous, Gary Wikfors, Edgar James Yother V

Selected & edited by Mickey Koth
with assistance from Dan Hocott
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Click here for a list of errata.

We are soliciting tunes for
The Connecticut Sound Volume 2!

We are seeking tunes written by
Connecticut musicians:
reels, marchs, and jigs
couple dances (tangos, etc.)

Send electronic files of printed music or sound files (or both) via e-mail to the editor

Contents of The Connecticut Sound
with links to recordings of the tunes!

Reels, Marches, Hornpipes, Rags
Big Bill's Barn
Buffalo Soldiers
Cappy's Hill
Cold Harbor
Contra Boogie
Contra Stomp
A Day Before the Pyper
Devil with the Dill Pickle
Dog Days of August
Emmalina Tasker (performed as a song)
Freddy the Flasher
Irish Dance
January/February March
Keg of Rum
Liberty City Rag
Lulu's Coffee Reel
Major Kelly's Quickstep
May Tune
The Miller's Dance
Misery Creek
Mountain Food and Gas
Myra's Reel
A Nod to Phoebe
Not So Simple Gifts
Peaks of Otter Reel
Peepers & Bullfrogs
Peg Leg Pet
Planxty My New Fiddle
Rock the Bow
Scratch Your Head
Sine Nomine Reel
Stump Whiskey
The Swamp Fox
Très Déçu
Turkey Run Reel
Typically Mickibly Reel
Under the Waterfall
The Unmikely Reel
Waiting for Tracy
The Woodcarver
Anthony's Jig
Bunny and Bear
Contrary Mary
Double Hex Jig
The Eel Pot Tavern
The Elfin Wood
Green Tea
Heckle & Jekyll & Hyde
Hop, Skip and a Healy
The Horny Sailor
Lucky Girl Jig
Lydia Has No Faith in Cats
Mig's Jig
North Jig
Not What I Expected to Hear
The Oddfellows in Plainville
On Lookout Mountain
Partly Sunny Jig
The Persistence of Noel Reid
The Spitter
Spookiscary Jig
Arlene's Song
Black Bella
Cold Hands, Warm Hearts
The Connecticut Waltz
The Day After
December Waltz
Drink the Wine Slowly
Edna's Vase
Ellen's 30th Year Waltz
End of an Era
For Andes
Fran's Waltz
Good Friday
Hillgrove's Waltz
Last Minute Waltz
Leaving Home
The Path Not Taken
Picture Album
Pyper Nye
Redbud Waltz
The Transient's Lament
A Twirl
Waiting to See You
Waltz from Emerald Isle
Winter Sunset
Winter Warmth
The Woman from Windsor Locks

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Even after the most careful proofreading of a book, mistakes are inevitably missed.
Watch this space for a list of corrections and other information about The Connecticut Sound.

p. 8, Emmalina Tasker, line 4, 3rd measure:
add a
D chord over 2nd half of the measure.
(Corrected in the 2nd printing, December 2006)

p. 12, May Tune, line 3, 4th measure:
the 3rd 8th note should be an
E not D.

p. 20, Scratch Your Head, line 4, 3rd measure:
1st chord should be
Cm not Em.

p. 36, North Jig, line 1, 4th measure:
1st beat, add a G chord; 2nd beat, add a D chord

p. 52, For Andes, Coda, 1st measure:
add an
A chord.
(Corrected in the 2nd printing, December 2006)

Please send your comments about The Connecticut Sound!

This site is to promote contra dance tunes written by Connecticut contra dance musicians. If you are a contra dance musician who lives in Connecticut and have written tunes you'd like to have included in Volume 2 of The Connecticut Sound, please e-mail the website owner and webmistrix.
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